New Flier and Event Format



The Jam Series 2013

The Jam Series 2013 will be the selected format for the annual Philly Cup!

Basically riders in the 4 age groups will be placed into heats of 5 and will skate a prescribed section of the skate park for 3-5 min. before moving onto the next section of the park for another 3-5 min session. This will occur 2-3 times depending on the obstacles available so riders will have at least 2 areas to Jam in to score points.

Each category Judge scores from 1-25 with 12.5 being the starting point in scoring. We have a total of 4 judges who are looking for: Technical (how you execute the tricks and difficulty), Amplitude(Going big, amped up riding), Line (Consistency), Style (Creativity)

Awards will be given out for each division and all points are saved and tallied at the end of each event to determine overall tour Champions! We have 5 events total on various obstacles and skills so really its anyones game! Are you game?! Come on out and have some fun, get a free lunch and know that you are supporting your local skateboard community at the sametime!

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2013 Philly Cup Championship Series


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Official Dates for Philly Cup 2013

June 22nd – 1st stop @ McCreesh

July 13th 2nd stop @ Pop’s

August 17th  3rd stop @ Whitehall

October 5th – 4th stop @ Paine’s Park

Here is a flier for the 1st event!


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2013 Philly Cup becomes part of The JAM Series!

This year we are keeping it local! We been asked to do our fun and ever changing Jam format for this years Philly Cup point series! The series will be from start June 21st and go into October with an event once a month.

The Philly Cup was a great success last year and the finals were a great way to end the season with various jams. Philly Parks and Recreation as well as Franklins Paine wanted to utilize the time tested Jam Series as a way to make this years Philly Cup even more laid back and fun!

This year we will be having 5 stops throughout the city all experimenting with different forms of skateboarding, 4 different divisions (12 and under, 13-15, 16-18 and Open) making new friends, helping build our skate scene and of course having a ton of fun!

Judging: We have 4 criteria each worth 25 points each for a total score of 100. Each of the 4 judges will be only judging 1 of the criteria.

Proposed stops with dates TBA

Carmella Skate Park (Whitehall)

Pops Playground

Granahan Playground

Rizzo Rinks

Paines Park

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April heading west Madness!

This April we will be starting to head a bit west when we hit up 180 Skate Park in West Virginia followed by Ollies in Florence KY and finishing at Skate Naked in Ohio!
Should be a jam packed adventure and a great time so hope to see you all out there!

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Penn Skate is the new March 17th stop!

Hello everyone and thank you for your support of The Jam Series.

Yes it is true the Mekos stop has been cancelled! :( Due to circumstances beyond our control they have decided to pass on the March date. Hopefully they will reschedule when they got everything worked out but in the meantime we are heading to Penn Skate instead!

For those who don’t know Penn Skate has been the premier indoor skate park in the Lehigh Valley since 97″ and is showing no signs of slowing down! It is a good opportunity to go back to some old stomping grounds which helped shape my younger years of skating and we will be hitting a bunch of classic valley spots for sure before the event then its on for a night session you want forget! There is a lot of skateboarding history in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas as well as some epic spots should be a good time.

A little history: Pros from the Lehigh Valley area include: Dan Pensyl(5Boro), Ray Gurz(Lost Souls), AJ Kohn (One Skateboard Co.), Ken and Jay Sigafoos, Rob Mertz (Zorlac, Syndrome Distribution) and countless numbers of amateurs including “one in a million contestant” Nik Stain and a boat load of groms!

Also hitting up my cousins place, the one and only Cactus Blue in Bethlehem PA as it has been voted as the best Mexican food in the Valley 6 yrs in a row so you know its good! Good friends, epic skateboarding and Mexican food! What could be better?!  See you out on the road!

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NJ Tour Recap

The NJ Tour started off with a bang right out of the gates at the Black Diamond Skate Park in Moorestown NJ! There was a ton of kids out skating and full on participation in the events was high and intense! We did 2 Jams, a Mini ramp jam and a double set jam that had hubbas going down both sides, a vert wall ending and a euro gap back up to the starting point so plenty of options for shredding!

Video will be up soon! :)

The mini ramp was on a 3′ high mini that was built around a pole which is a great obstacle when an individual is on the ramp sessioning but it acted like a much needed divider  as up to 8 skaters would drop in at a time skating a small piece of the ramp. Miraculously no one got seriously wrecked as it was a no holds barred snake session and only those who had the nerve would hold on to there line. Usually when a jam like this starts this is what happens until the adrenalin wears off and people calm down and a natural order happens, but not here not in south NJ! The skating that went down was incredible so we extended the time from 20 min to almost 30 min and there was always at least 2-3 people on the ramp at all times.  Ronnie Kessner took top honors on the mini whipping out flip tricks and lip tricks galore. Joey Marrone did a nollie bigspin to disaster on Dante Tonella’s nose of his deck while Dante was 50-50 across but got hung up on the way in a total fluke trick but sick nonetheless! Our guys got in the mix keeping the session hot Tyrone mixing his freestyle on the ramp as Greg Pachell charged the mini concrete rider style which is why I think the intensity was so insane! Positive intense energy creates more of the same and the by product is total stoke! Wow is that a scientific formula for skating?! Huh :)
The double set event was equally intense but a little more orderly because you had to give one another space to do the trick, land if if someone fell to give time to get out of the way.  Everything about this event worked on an organic level, it all seemed to work out and as Sean from Black Diamond mentioned it was a controlled chaos, which sounds like a contradiction but that is exactly what it was and it was pure! So many gnarly tricks went down but in the end top honors went to 12 yr old Joey Marrone who pulled a text book 360 shove it and 360 flip down the double set as well as an array of rail tricks as well, little man stepped it up and skated like a man in this event. There was a ton of little dudes throwing down at this stop all around 12-13 yrs old, future looks bright for south NJ! The gnarly boots award went to a new guy on the scene (also 12yrs old) who showed what it was all about by doing it for himself as this little dude threw down some solid tricks then went for his bangers. Time after time either getting really close or slamming hard he kept getting up and going for it. On the Mini he pulled a back nose blunt to 180 back in and on the double set banged out a perfect backside 360 ollie. Insane how good these little guys are getting, reminds me of my years on the Beast of the East Tour watching little dudes like Chaz Ortiz, Zak Hickoff, Dane Carter (RIP), Aquil Brathwaite Leo Heinert, Forrest Bailey, Lucas Magoon and the list goes on!

The next stop we had to change due to a last minute sale of the building that housed our friends from Drop In Skate Park resided and they had to move down the street to a newer facility. No worries we will hit them up soon to see whats good! So after making some calls and looking at our tour route we ended up at Mountian Creek Resort in Vernon NJ.

This was a perfect place to loosen up and unwind after such a crazy event the day before. My wife’s family was gracious enough to allow all of the guys to stay at the house and hooked it up with some good home cooking and North Jersey hospitality! Basically we took over their entire finished basement that was complete with pool table, TV, couches and enough cots for everyone so it was a good way to build team unity and have some fun! The bowl jam was simple enough just jamming for 20-30 min, and getting stoked on skating with everyone. What was cool about this spot is that there were several generations of skateboarders there all skating and creating together running from ages 3-40! So much sick skating went down in that little slick bowl but was a really laid back chill atmosphere a far departure from the day before. The local I believe named Brandon took top honors and received a new Tip Technology Deck for his fast smooth buttery lines and style for miles! Greg and our tour mate Chris Dziema from NJ skate shop went at it in a game of transition skate that wont soon be forgotten, ridiculous is the best word to describe it! You will see it in the video :) While those guys went at it our new flow guy Tyrone saw some guys playing skate on the carpet and started to do his brand of Philly Freestyle along with them before long he had a little demo of his own rolling. I saw he was sweating it up a bit so I joined him and with in 5 min we had the entire lodge of people and staff surrounding us watching and going nuts! Reminded me of the good old days with JJ when we would crash events or do on the spot demos.  Even everyone in the bowl stopped and watched what was going on, it was really cool and gratifying that Freestyle is getting respect once again and with guys like Tyrone the future is looking bright!

The last stop of the tour was Garden Sk8 one of the most interesting place to skate. They have a huge bowl and different type of street course with a new plaza style park behind the bowl. We started off in the plaza section doing an event on the hubbas /small euro gap but ended up in the main section towards the end with the big euro gap as there was no interest in a bowl or mini ramp jam. The some of the younger locals as well as the older ones and those who have followed us up to the various event where great and had a great time. The top honors of the hubba event busted a nollie flip back 50-50 down the hubba and an array of other tricks but can’t think of his name right now! Top honors in the big euro gap also went to a local (name coming soon!:) who is testing out the Tip Technology deck up that way and threw down a 540 gazelle, nollie heelflip 360 among other mind bending tricks up the euro gap! Ryan Losito who came to every NJ event was probably the most consistent skater on the  tour thus far and has a deep bag of tricks, cant wait to see what he will pull at our other stops this season! I have to say I was a bit bummed on some of the younger kids who skate that park as many of them had little to no interest in participating and very little to no speaking skills. Seems like some mentoring needs to happen to get these young ones out of there shells and to start thinking straight as I saw a group of them come into the park which is fully stocked with gear with bags from the Zumiez up the street and then ask to use the tools and help putting them together?!?! Seriously what is wrong with these kids and parents? Shop where you skate! This is the only park and shop in that immediate area that has events and supports local skateboarding who is still recovering from a flood that took them out for a few months due to repairs. Unreal.

On a brighter note there was an older guys bowl session going on in the bowl and we got to see some shredding going down including our tour mate Chris Dziema doing the door gap transfer from the street course to the bowl area padless, which was truly unreal in a good way!  Also I see Tyrone once again spreading the word of Freestyle as he saw one of the older guys do a “space walk” on the deck of the bowl. Next thing you know Tyrone and the guy started skating back and forth doing some freestyle, teaching some kids and then started hitting the street course doing freestyle on the obstacles?! As I watched what this mysterious older freestyle literate bowl rider was doing something in my memory clicked as I have seen this guy before and as he walked up the ramp I immediately knew who it was my old friend Jeff McDermitt! Some of the older guys who read this blog may know him but for those who don’t know Jeff has been skating since 1975 and I first ran into him in 1993 ish when he ran the skate shop in the now defunct Shimmerville Skate Park. Jeff was my first introductory to live Freestyle and applying it to obstacles, I met Mullen and skated with him the following summer and was already hooked into the creative / technical mindset of skating. The last time I saw Jeff was probably close to 10 yrs ago at Penn Skate but heard he was still out and skating and at 51 yrs. old he still got it! These experiences are what make being a skater and out on the road so rewarding as you never know what or who is around the corner and when you meet truly hardcore dedicated individuals to skating you have a friend for life. Doesn’t matter if it is a weeks, years or decades it is like a time machine in that way and you can pick up where you left off as if time stood still.

All in all another great trip and tons of good times and memories! Next trip in March is gearing up to be the best one so far so hope to see you all out there!


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February Tour: NJ / NY!

The fun only began in New England but its going to heat up in NJ and NY!
More Jams / Demo stylistics from One Skateboard Co and friends! Looking out for the top talents in each location to skate / create and spread the good word of skateboarding! We are not charging entry fee to the event only what the parks charge. We are all about getting out there and skating with everyone, jamming on some obstacles, giving out some gear, supporting the parks/shops on the tour and most of all having a fun time!

Join us!

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New England Tour Video!

Some footage we got out on the road during our tour and The Jam Series! Enjoy! see you at our next stops!


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The Jam Series 2012!

The Jam Series 2012!

Welcome to The Jam Series!

This is our first tour of 2012 and we are excited to be hitting up the New England area! The first tour we will be hitting Boston / Rye NH and Milford CT. on a 3 day whirlwind tour sure to get the blood flowing and people psyched! We are joined by One Skateboard Co. team based out of Philadelphia PA.  Amateurs like Matt Henry / Greg Pachell will definitely get the sessions rolling hot and furious, while Shannon Sexton shows that girls can shred along with the boys as well as lending out a few pointers and representing the ladies to the fullest, wunderkind Colby Hempel will show us how Groms get down and finally Pro: AJ Kohn takes us back then forward with his modern mind bending freestyle skateboarding.

Should be an excellent time and much fun should be had by all!

See you out there!

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